Letter to Parents about tryouts May 2017

Players and Parents,


I know many of you have had lots of questions regarding tryouts, when they are, where, and what is the difference between district and state.  Likewise I want to ensure that any miss information is corrected.


First, let me provide some definitions on the two different levels of competition that OYS/UVU currently offer along with a brief pricing description.


State Level Competition

State Level is also known as Club, AAA, and SCL.  The State Competition League, which is administered by the Utah Youth Soccer Association, offers the highest level of competition league soccer for youth soccer teams in Utah. Utah’s top club programs participate in the State Competition League. More than 2000 teams, hailing from as far north as Logan and as far south as Manti, have been organized into divisions for league competition based on gender, age, and competitive strength.   The State program has 2 main Sections Full State and Regional.

Full State covers the divisions of Premier 1, Premier 2, D1 and D2.  Teams in these divisions will potentially travel as far south Manti and east as Vernal, as far west as Tooele and as far North as Logan.  Teams play on average 10 games per session (Fall/Spring) with half of the games being home games.  There are currently about 30+ member clubs at this level

Regional division for us is known as the south division. Currently, we cover Point of the Mountain south to Manti and Vernal to the east.  Like the higher division, this usually consists of 10 games per session with half of them being home games.  Currently, there are about 10 member clubs at this level.

The majority of all state teams have a minimum of 2 practices per week with many having an additional practice or friendly on Saturday mornings during the offseason.  During game season many teams will strive to still make the 2 practices a week in addition to their games.

Additionally, most State Level teams will participate in at least 1 tournament with some participating in 2+.  Like practices, the coach determines how many tournaments and which ones.



District Level Competition

District Level falls in between the recreation system and State Level.  District Level is limited to the Utah County area and limited to about 4 member clubs.  Besides OYS/UVU the NUCS program is the main supplier of teams to the district program.  It consists of about 10 games in the fall and 7 games in the spring.  The spring concludes with a tournament of about 3 games to help each team get to the 10 games.



District Level is about 160$ per player.  This covers the cost of a ball, uniform, referees, field maintenance, state required fees, and such.

State Level begins at about 250$ per players.  This covers the state fees, field maintenance, referee fees, basic coaching equipment, and administrative costs (not paid to board members they are volunteers).  State Level fees can then go up based on the need for a new uniform, the number of tournaments, winter training/indoor, etc.  The average cost for a State Level team last year was about 525$ per player.  State Level, however, does offer the ability to do fundraisers and other opportunities to help offset the cost.




Tryouts will be held at Lakeside Sports Complex.  Full date and times can be found at oremyouthsoccer.com and/or uvufc.org.  Tryouts are required and we strongly recommend that players attend all dates for their age.  Both district and state teams will be trying out at the same time.  This will allow all players the opportunity to try out for the highest level of play possible for that age.  We understand that not every player/family will want their child to play state and to be very clear, you as parents and players have the right to refuse any invitation to play at a level you are not comfortable with or for a coach you are not comfortable with.  Here is the link to tryout registration: https://goo.gl/forms/8ypqAEdkIkpC1XP32




            As many of you may or may not know the OYS/UVU programs are run entirely by volunteers, including board members.  We are always looking for people who are interested in helping the program grow whether that be working with equipment, uniforms, fundraising, sponsorship coordination, or even most importantly coaching.  If you are interested in any of these please let us know.  If you are interested in coaching please sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/pGk8Sc1Nz6u6pERi2


Thank you for being a wonderful part of OYS/UVU and we look forward to having the 2017/2018 season be the greatest in the history of the program.


Lance Steelman

VP Competition UVU/OYS